Recent Projects


KneadTracker is an application which lets Massage Therapists manage their business more efficiently and effectively. It includes a client intake form, with client visit tracking. The massage therapist can also track gift certificates in the app! There is also an anatomical notation system so that thorough notes can be taken for every visit, helping the massage therapist to meet their client's expectations easily!


Cheer Replay

Cheer Replay is a subscription-based app which lets you view videos associated with the Cheer Replay service. 

It allows users to see point deductions and legalities easily, as well as review their cheer routines easily.

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GameValueNow is a user facing app, which helps to reach a wider audience through mobile acquisition. It allows a user to search for a title and get an accurate assessment of the price of a video game quickly and easily.



GitFit! is a business-facing fitness tracking app that personal trainers and gyms can use to easily facilitate communication during fitness bootcamps.

Users can chat with their coach in real time, they can update their coach with water consumption, workout status, sleep statistics, and they can take a picture of their meal for the coach to rate and approve!

Construction Jobsite Manager

This is an internal application for a construction company. It helps them manage their job sites, inventory, heavy equipment, and supplies. 


With GroomBuddy you can easily manage all your clients in one place! View past services, itemize each visit and run your pet grooming business more efficiently!


Pool Route Pro

Off The Deep End Pool Services uses Pool Route Pro to effectively manage their clients, equipment, and supplies. Pool Route Pro also optimizes your pool route for you, saving you time and money by helping you finish your day faster! Just set your end point and hit the optimize button, and your client list for the day will repopulate in the most efficient order!